Perhaps you’ve experienced a morning like mine.  (if you’re following this scenario – ignore the bits that don’t apply and replace with more accurate bits)

Up at five thirty – a little later than usual, but manageable.

Coffee, computer, shower, exercise, nutritional supplements together with a touch of breakfast, clothes, eyebrow pencil and then pack up water, fruit, schoolbag to head out the door for a scheduled meeting.

Just as I plant my laptop in my bicycle carrier, i get the buzz of an incoming text message:

No meeting today, everything’s rescheduled.

Surprise! A free day. That 2-hour meeting was my only commitment – my sole reason for biking to school! Freedom!

Is this a focuser or what? Well, yeah!

I can continue on with my fabulous podcast radio interview. I can create a marvelous interactive document for a class. I can answer a letter with some thought and intelligence. I can complete my online studies session. What can’t I do?

It’s all there, and one after one of my to do list may come to pass, with this entirely splendid surprise!

With the onslaught of freedom comes clarity!

freedom swirl, judih 2003


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