Yeah, yeah, inspiration, yeah, but what about humour!

I viewed my tweets, my e-mails, my requests for feedback. I heard my cover versions of Kanye West and Alanis, read the latest haiku by those who write them, and even listened to an opera by Lully.

But after all that input, what rivets the mind? An exchange with a hilarious friend (yes I’m referring to Judie Segal, the divine).

judie s as featured in southpark

Humour! Oh, how humour oils the joints, fills the chakras and makes me remember why living is so cool.

Humour. When life’s absurdities ping with another’s pong in easy simple sentences.

Humour and it’s all okay, again

Water shortages and cancer-causing cellphones pale as the instant click of a humourous brain washes over me.

ah, sweet reminder of ‘take it easy’. Get perspective. One warm brilliant exchange of humour is worth a hundred hours of therapy.

'noah' by regan


5 thoughts on “Yeah, yeah, inspiration, yeah, but what about humour!

  1. I look sooooooo good as Southpark.
    I never noticed how red brings out the muddy brown in my eyes.
    I hope that’s a marguerita I’m holding, best to start the day with one!
    love you and your insights. always.
    it’s the “h” that does it!

  2. “worth a hundred hours of therapy” Yeppers, that is the truth! Humor was always the antidote for any stressful situations in my realm and still is. (Being raised by clowns helped!) It is the best medicine…

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