pile of projects?…emotion claims first pick

It’s true. When I first start a project, emotion joins forces with logic and energy and I zoom away.  Then there’s a downslide as I near the end of a time-frame, or suddenly notice how hot I am, or how stiff I’ve become all bunched up into pretzel shapes while concentrating. In any case, I take a break. Maybe even an overnight break.

Then, lo and behold, up pops another project! A new one! Something fascinating and irresistible! Once my emotions pick up on the magnetism, off I go! Full-blown entry into this newest  thing.

This week, for example, I began necessary work on organizing a slideshow – pulling together various threads of information, images and graphic work. All very time consuming but with those first winds of project zap, I was off and running.

Then came the necessary overnight break and in the bright and serene morning,  along came a request to read and review a book. A wonderful book! By a marvelous herbalist who spent a summer in Galilee! Of course I had to read and review.  This was a book that would speak to the soul of me and touch the chords of why I decided to stay in Israel, way back in 1978.  So I said yes to this new project a within minutes, the book arrived safe and sound in my e-mail.

So, where have I been for the past few days? Reading this book, of course. Crying with the writer as she describes the fragrant wild herbs, and the wonderful Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). I’ve been reliving my own first steps in Nazareth and in Tiberius. I’ve been smelling the za’atar and tasting the olive oil as it smells and tastes up in the northern part of this country.

And my first project? Well, now that my eyes are worn out from such intensive reading and crying, my enthusiasm needs to be kick-started once more. I’m open to suggestion.


2 thoughts on “pile of projects?…emotion claims first pick

  1. Oh boy, can I relate to having so many projects and constantly being stimulated by something new and fun or unusual that things get put aside for a “later” that never seems to come! That book sounds fantastic! Would be right up my alley too except I have a bunch sitting on the “to read” shelf. Hah! But isn’t it so great to be so stimulated and full of life and stuff to do? I think so…even if some of it never gets done, it did its job in making me think, making me create something, making me wiser or something like ‘at!

  2. Yes- i agree with something like ‘at.
    Addendum: after having finished Juliette’s book, the feeling of wanting to be wandering the natural terrain of an olive grove penetrated me so that it was difficult to navigate the paths and lawns of Kibbutz Nir-Oz. I’m wondering what it’ll be like to go back to teach this Sunday. I get teary-eyed and rebellious when it comes to dealing with civilization. interesting! who knew? Sometimes i’m like a litmus stick – and i come up with colours – like your ‘mood’ beads.
    Thanks, SooZen for the thoghts

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