fear of sugar

So, around our house, we’ve all more or less jumped on a new way of eating. Based on veganism – it’s mostly about no processed foods, no sugar, no white flour, or actually flour of any sort. No processed food. Salads, greens, fruit -as much as we want. Beans – favas, white beans, chick peas – as much as we want. Lots of high nutrition – everything a body needs – all found in vegetables, fruit, beans and a few nuts.

That’s the way it is around here.

So, the problem arose when Zo anticipated her upcoming 16th birthday and made a few requests. She wanted a birthday cake: chocolate. She wanted pizza: with crust. And she wanted a bracelet, which I’ve had yet to find (although I’ve checked out the funky crystal store in Be’er Sheva and the usual assortment of jewellry places in the malls)

A cake?

For me, ‘cake’ = little sugar, lots of bran, whole wheat and a product that my family refers to as ‘cakki cake’ (or bowel movement producing substance). In other words, ‘cake’ = Bran Cake.

Bran Cake

So this ‘chocolate’ request was a challenge. I went hunting on the net and found the Moosewood Restaurant Vegan Chocolate Cake. (Click here and scroll down to a pumpkin coloured area)

First step: meditation. I can do this. It will be delicious. Sugar is required here. I can do this. Chocolate cake for Zo – I can do this. 

Next step: Buy ingredients.  (obstacle: Our kibbutz store was closed due to a computer malfunction. This step was overcome only 15 hours the intent was formulated).

Final step: creating the Moosewood cake.

As the product is created and daughter Zo touches it and requests to taste it, I observe the process with stoic detachment. This ‘food’ item, a stranger to me, has now been realized. I was merely the vehicle for its birth, yet I feel no motherly pride. This alien food item is given to the world with no strings.  May those who wish to taste it, please step forward and be named. I have no jealousy or regret. Even fear of sugar is beyond me.

I’ve been told that it is delicious. Moosewood, I’m grateful. I imagine I’ll come back for future needs.

Zo slices into Moosewood Restaurant Vegan Chocolate Cake


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