Oh lord, don’t let me be misunderstood

Nina Simone sang it.  The Animals sang it. They sang for so many of us. But they still sing it for me. (Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood)

I’m not sure when it started but one day my transparency went from everyone in the world being able to read my emotions to no one in the world reading them right.

Perhaps it started when I let the flow of my thoughts pick up uber-speed and  the velocity of changing ideas charging past this galaxy would leave no discernible roadmap for interpretation.

Perhaps it began when my thoughts zoomed in the opposite direction of most other people’s thoughts thereby leaving no possible chance for accuracy. How can  you guess what someone’s thinking if you, yourself, have never thought a similar thing?

A psychologist is only as good as her/his own experience. A teacher cannot deal with ADHD in a student if s/he has no personal touchstone with which to deal with that student.

In short, being misunderstood has become rather more commonplace than I’d have wished.

So, what’s the problem? The problem lies in the fact that being misunderstood throws a lot of the onus on me to correct the false assumption.  It requires me to fully admit to what I’m thinking and then find a simple way to explain it to someone who thinks they already know what I’m thinking. Even saying all that sounds complicated to me. But to actually undertake to do it, is quite a load.

Do I really want to reveal my thoughts? Especially when they’re in process and having to explain or backtrack will take me away from my pondering?

Do I want to adapt a ‘mask’ whereby nothing I’m thinking is apparent to the outside world?  Especially when most of the outside world isn’t really dealing with anything other than its immediate needs and wants.

So, as I consider the most recent cases of being ‘misunderstood’, I’m wondering.  Do I really care? Is it the same kind of  youthful ‘no one understands me’ melodrama?

Is being understood worthwhile, when, in fact, one’s thoughts continue to change and flow and one moment’s ‘understanding’ is no longer applicable the very next moment. Being understood is either a constant process, or perhaps better, only truly important when I truly want to be understood (which appears to be less frequently!)

What do you think?

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood


4 thoughts on “Oh lord, don’t let me be misunderstood

    • unfortunately you have to grow your own – but you, of all people, have a million seeds – energetic little seeds popping at their little seedcoats!

  1. Being misunderstood? Comes with the territory dear judih, at least I think so. Having been a “blogger” and journal-ist and a healer for so many years, I too have wrestled with this very issue and others perceptions of what they “thought” I was saying or even thinking or trying to get across. Came to the conclusion like you (and still waffle occasionally) that it doesn’t matter if some or even many don’t get it or understand the gist of my milling mind. Just putting it out there, saying and intending good is good enough.

    There are those that walk the straight and smooth path, well trodden and easy. And then, there are those path finders (like judih), who make new paths, show new vistas, climb the cliffs and break through the rough barriers and walls of conditioning. Instead of wearing that mask and hiding out, I try to wear a mirror. Not everyone is going to like what they see.

    A sabbatical is occasionally required to refresh and ground oneself. I now feel free to take a break when my mirror is cloudy or dim or the misunderstandings overwhelm the clarity. Cup of tea? (I do wish I could sit in the shade near Oz and share one with you and touch stones…!)

  2. thanks, dear Soo, for such a rich response. i, too, would love to share a little sabbatical in the shade with you – make some misunderstandings and make ’em understood in the most vital and creatively building way.

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