My neighbour’s compost

Since my neighbour offered us the use of her composter, our life is different.

compost bin, Red Dirt Ramblings, Dee Nash photo

Since we only eat vegetables here, all our garbage used to ferment along with cellophane wrappers and fruit boxes. Not any more.

Why is this lifechanging?

We intentionally throw our leftover zucchini stems and watermelon rinds into a glowing natural fertilizer that happily sits on another’s property. Such a small gesture towards community. Such a relief to weave our diet into our neighbourhood.

For about six months we’ve been mostly on Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live regime.  Tons of green leafy vegetables, fruit, beans, seeds and nuts.  No more yeasted breads, or anything with added sugar (enough sugar’s found in fruit).

My wonderful partner’s lost weight and has now reached his ideal weight. According to Fuhrman, that happens as a result of this form of dietary choice.  My daughter’s shed her baby fat but indulges in a little chicken or fish (10% of the diet can be from animal sources, including dairy, if you want).

Me? I’m almost there – I mean I’ve always been almost there – vegetarian ways have been with me since i was 18 or so. The  deterrent for me is that one has to consume about 750 grams of leafy greens in order to obtain the protein and minerals and vitamins one needs – plus, of course the other vitals such as fava beans or chick peas, and all the wonderful peppers, tomatoes, etc.s of life.

In any case, my neighbour’s compost is definitely a blessing. Not only are we detoxing our bodies, but we’re also putting it all back into nature (most of it, anyway).

Check out Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live. Recommended!


3 thoughts on “My neighbour’s compost

  1. I will most certainly check out Dr. Fuhrman and his dietary guidelines (it’s on the list now, heh) It would be mighty hard to get Nate (or Cec) to give up their breads, I am sure.

    Composting is amazing and wonderful how you can take your scraps and make great soil! Been doing it for almost 40 years (we have great soil!)

    • the ideas he presents are doable and valuable. Giving up bread? If the family agrees to try it for 6 weeks only – together as an experiment, it becomes an adventure.

      • heheh, I could get part of the family to agree. Long story short is that Nate, because of the anorexia caused by the cancer treatments when he was two, has some pretty unshakable likes and dislikes about food. Give up his crackers (with his soup) and toast and a slice with his dinner? Not in this lifetime (maybe next?) Cec may be more amenable but his love of pie is akin to ecstasy. We two could use an adventure, reasoning with Nate is another matter altogether. You have my admiration my friend for trekking into the wilds of foods and taking the crew with you!

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