A short visit to an ancient hang-out

Hanging out in a location that is known for being a hangout to holy types, makes for interesting energy.

Ein Kerem road

I was in Jerusalem, and met a wonderful friend who took me to Ein Kerem. We walked the old cobblestone pathways and decided to make our way to Mary’s Well. Mary was Jesus’ mother and she hung out with John the Baptist’s mom.  These were mothers of major players, whether or not they knew it.

Mary’s well is now a small protected trough – cooly falling over mouldy stone walls. The water, holy for it purification powers, may not be consumed, but still tourists make pilgrimages to the site, gathering its aura and power for themselves.

Mary's Well, Ein Kerem

And a haiku or two:

just ahead 
trickles of holy water 
mary lives on

tourists in hats 
ignore the heat 
holy site ahead

And a beautiful church

cradled by trees
golden dome church
hillside protector

And in this environment, we spoke of things that matter – our lives, our questions, the issues that recur and keep us on a road to further self-exploration. A small error in judgement can be perceived as a brilliant act of revelation, in the presence of someone who feels below the surface. Inspiration comes with intelligent listening. How very true. (And so very good to write it down)

Focus can come in a zone of ancient and vital history – when those who show up are looking for something beyond daily drudgery, a quality that will lift up the spirit and hold it there.

Monks in many different robes, brown, white, black, all belted, some with hoods walking village streets because they are part of the history and the present moment.  Pale tourists one after the other with bottles of water to ward off hot summer days, show patience and restraint as they approach their holy destinations. What’s in a well? What’s in a church? All that one gives it before and during the actual contact.

It’s all in the focus. The more I await an encounter and bring to it genuine love and attention, the more I’ll derive from it.

“Holy” is everywhere, is it not?


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