Updating To Do list and other matters

A while ago, I wrote a post called Too Many Projects.

Well, instead of embarking on some of them, I read the post and realized that I could actually update the list.

Too many projects? There’s always something waiting patiently for me to pay it some attention.

  • Like the discarded chair my cousin and I found in the garbage: I’m going to fix it up.
  • Like the puppet for Adele: I’m going to build it.
  • Like the talk for HOTS (higher order thinking skills) I’m going to finish.  Done! Prepared, delivered! Yay
  • Like Lesson 9 out of 12 of my online course.  Done! Now I’m on lesson 10
  • Like the shirts I want to design, cut and sew.
  • Like the book review of Martina’s new book that I’ve begun and need to finish  Yes! I love the book and my first impressions were accepted as the Review!
But now!
To do:
  • Chair
  • Puppet
  • Shirts
  • Lesson 10
  • Get my presentation ready for uploading to the Net for others to see and comprehend
  • NLP practitioner practice
  • Yad Vashem Conference attendance and final project
And so, the to do’s keep on coming
Life is change

Jill Badonsky inspires


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