Bright light over Asia

My son is somewhere over Asia.

Off to search Australia for adventure and experience.  There’s an emptiness where he once stood, laughed, hugged. His inanities and improvs to rev up the atmosphere are now in our imaginations.  Somewhere in the clouds over Asia, or could he be in Hong Kong? In an airport, waiting for his next flight? A boy who is a man who is my baby who is a man, let me not forget, an essence bringing life and humour and curiousity to any situation. Somewhere over a cloud, or in an airport, or in a line-up waiting for a backpack.  Looking for a comfortable place to wait or to joke or to draw.  His guitar strapped to his back or unpacked to play his impressions. airport, cloud, line-up. Hong Kong or somewhere.  Travelling to new worlds and fresh accents.

Somewhere. Sending love to that large mystery place where my boy is presently breathing. Love to my boy. As my focus widens from west to east – sending love and safety.



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