silence – space for miracles

My Aunt N, so very distant in Tuscon, Arizona has been discharged from the hospital. Not for good reasons, but rather because the doctors cannot provide the miracle that is required. Modern medicine can do nothing more for this wonderful woman.

Her humour surfaced this past week. She was ironic and cute, making light of considerable agony. Her body cooperated long enough for her to regain consciousness and joke with her immediate family.

But now, she’s been sent out of the ward to transition in the white noise of another location, a place where she can be surrounded more with love than with chlorine. She is being medicated. Her children and husband are with her. Her brothers will be there soon, if all works according to their wishes.

I’m so very distant. My channels are open – no news but the slightest tilt of vibes. Silence. Where a few days ago relief flooded e-mails, now there’s only shorthand for yes, we’re here.  The intensity of living each moment as each moment unfolds.

I have no recent photographs of my Aunt. I have only the image of her huge smile, her large blue eyes, her birkenstocks. Her beautiful musical voice. Her easy going rhythm. I saw her about 4 years ago. I hold the image close.


4 thoughts on “silence – space for miracles

  1. the images are important, my last image was of my dad holding his two grand-daughters in his arms while dancing at his 50th wedding anniversary.
    life is short, the images are important, love to you all

  2. Dear Lovely Cousin- Almost exactly 3 years to the day (tomorrow is the ‘anniversary’) after the death of my mom- your Aunt Naomi- I found this site, and your beautiful words. Thank you for this! I don’t know why I have never seen your site- I follow you and read your poetry on facebook- but today, something led me to surf across the web, through space and time and distance, and here I am. Thank you for your creativity, thoughtfulness, love, and energy. Thank you for doing and believing and creating what most of us don’t have the time, power or courage to attempt. Much love, long distance hugs, and a few tears today. Ana

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