Last Rites


from corners of earth
all fly to central vortex
last rites


In Tuscon, Arizona at 10:00 a.m. , my aunt Naomi will be laid to rest. Family members will be gathered. Tears will be shed. Maybe even smiles as someone recalls who this woman is/was. The tension of 3 weeks going from water aerobics and laughter to final breath has subsided. Now the silence.

I’m not there. I’m not with them. But i feel the impact of family at such a time. I don’t usually attend family gatherings unless the timing’s right and my mood is high. Although I live on a kibbutz, my socializing is limited. I tend to write more than speak. I tend to research more than share. And now that my Aunt has passed, I really can’t say if she was extroverted or not. I don’t know. It’s been years since I’ve really spent days with her. I feel her energy, but I know little of her manifestations.

Luckily, her four children are all energetic beings filled with humour and talent. In this way, her DNA continues and her unique attributes expand, exponentially.

Rest in peace, dear Aunt.


a flower blooms
bee and pollen party
until the end


bee, collecting pollen image by amlet from


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