still recovering after first day of school

1st day of school

Yes, school has begun.

First day of school and still the English Centre wasn’t ready – not enough lighting in our windowless office, wrong furniture – mistake by the contractor, no refrigerator. Our chairs don’t fit under the desk if our drawers on wheels slide into place.

But the entrance to the building is inspiring – vaulting, lovely.

There’s green grass growing in glorious order and flowers!

My day was like this: discovery of the above details

Running around to arrange alternate classrooms and hear of alternate plans

attending the opening ceremony in which many many dignitaries wished us well while a few students took the time to investigate the comfort of the newly grown lawns.

Teaching my Grade 9 Special Ed class comprised of 6 boys and one girl. After two of the boys decided to wrestle repeatedly, the girl requested a transfer to another class – I wished her well, told her I was sorry she was leaving but totally understood!

My Grade 8 class was delightful. One (out of two) homeroom teacher accompanied his students and went looking for those gone astray. They were interested, alive and charming.

My Grade 7 class was also surprisingly cute. A few students went astray, choosing a class that was closer. I had to teach these kids in an available room in the Grade 10 building – a fine building, a nice room, but a hefty trek from the 7th Grade building.

I survived. No time for food, but I survived.

I straightened out the classlists – did the paperwork, filled in my computerized attendance sheets – sent compliments where they belonged, and then attacked my salad and plums.

The bike ride home was a breezy relief. And now, Friday morning, the day after, i’m still recovering.

still recovering


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