best therapy of all – vacation

Happy New Year!

I know it’s happy cause today’s the 3rd day of vacation and i’m feeling the bliss.

Why bliss? Why not?

Intense overwhelm has accompanied me this new school session. I teach five classes and supposedly am in charge of organizing the English Center which has yet to be officially declared ready for moving in.

So, five classes.

Some fresh and eager seventh graders are quite charming.

Some able and bubbling eight graders are fun.

Some interesting chances for anthropological study are my grade 9 students and their antics and my responses. Take the first week, for example. How a child requested white-out fluid from a classmate and then screeched with surprise as flames suddenly burst forth from his investigation of what transpires when white-out meets paper meets match.

Or how the following week, one rather hyperactive individual found it amusing to dry-hump the doorframe of the classroom and then sizzle into non-recovery for the rest of the lesson.

These small situations can stymie a heart when mission number one is to “change the world” one small step at a time.

A grade 10 of interested students, willing to be guided along a course of study – and i’m back on the path.

And finally 11th graders – a mixed group of capable and not so capable, of confident and utterly bedraggled psyches. Who knows where this will lead?

In short, a pleasant vacation for Rosh Hashana, filled with pomegranates and quinoa salad, is just what this human being requires.

May this now therapy fill up the void.

Happy New Year.



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