The day you actually do what you know is good for you…

I’m able to say that there is such a day.

It might take 30 or so years of self-talk to get to it, but there is a day when the thing you know you need to do gets done.

Again, once again, I began to meditate in the mornings. After shower. After exercise. After the rest of my morning essentials (like e-mail, writing a haiku, checking facebook and forums)

Meditation. Every morning. Ahhhh.


Suddenly, the day is more joyful. I’m more aligned to notice!

The people I meet are more lively. I see their good intentions.

My body surprises me for the better. My legs make it up the hill as I bike to school. I breathe. I smile. I smell the chickens and the fertilizer on the fields.  My body works!

My mind floods from thought to thought, but it’s my mind. It’s not at the mercy of endless threats, but rather it’s my mind travelling the synapse of process

And then comes my teaching day.

I might be frazzled, but I know it’ll be okay.  There’ll be good stuff and there’ll be reasons to celebrate. There will be surprises, but thank god for those!

And from stop to stop, I can relocate my intention. I can remember my morning smile. The bike ride, the body, the mind.

It’s good for me.

Morning meditation.


life is a beach


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