So what is suffering?

is it when your mind goes over an event and changes it and then comes back to the original event and then repeats?

Each time a little stronger, a little more distorted, a little more painful

Each moment taking center-stage, speaking its bit, then retreating.

Suffering. Is it the feeling of helplessness, lack of resolution, lack of direction?

Or is it the absence of inner conviction – the non- ‘i am here’ situation – the being swept away by events rather than being in the driver’s seat?

Is suffering the feeling of being a pushover, but knowing that your heart isn’t home and therefore there’s really nothing to be pushed over but an outer shell?

Is suffering thinking about all this and wondering how to set things right again and then not taking action to set things right?

What is suffering?

Is it rooted in outer events?

Or is it the interaction of outer with inner

Inner suffering can find a good nesting place in almost any situation, if given free rein.

is suffering like jealousy? something that sneaks up on you and slowly takes over?

Is it something that can be painted out, expressed and then neutralized?

This has worked in the past – splashing paint on a canvas has done wonders for expressing the all-conquering emotion jealousy. Would suffering react in the same way?

Logical thought suggests that ideas are only as good as their execution. Meditation is a great idea but only as wonderful as it’s allowed to be. Allow it. Allow the technique of painting to help. Allow the technique of walking the line of greatness to work its magic. Allow the shower to cleanse, the exercise to oxygenate, the self-reiki to align. Allow the voice to sing, the drummer to beat, the paints to flow.

allow the techniques of expression to address the inner feelings fostered.

Suffering is holding back that which is in need of release.  So, release. Use the doors that say ‘open me’ – open them! As many of them as you need. This, then, is the gift that suffering brings – a chance to readdress creative expression – when words fail and friends don’t know how to listen, then listen to yourself.

Now, judih, this is personal. Are you listening?

Bring in the Buddha puppet – that’s a voice you’ll listen to – always wise, always to the point.

namaste! ciao, shalom, au revoir – on with it!

let that baby take off


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