Oh sweet glorious week

If i say it, I’ll believe it!


How to begin this week’s vent? Perhaps with the good stuff!

4 out of 5 classes went for a class trip for half of this past week! That meant glorious non-teaching hours available to invest in other things.

Another visit to a Shelter for Battered Women with my fine friend, A. In a previous visit, I’d observed her glorious facilitation of theater games and then I stepped in to offer my robot puppet, Max, for general consumption. Max, I told the kids, was there to help. He enjoyed speaking for others and doing things that others asked him to do.

On that particular occasion, apparently Max was required to chomp on fingers and arms, and he was kept busy doing so. He also was used to inform us of a comment that his puppeteer needed to pass on. Good old Max!

This time round, the kids asked where Max was. I was amazed that they’d remembered him. I had to let them know that he was busy, off in space. That  apparently was an acceptable that.

A, the theater whiz, ran them through marvellous exercises. They passed  a magic ball that changed form from one person to the next. She masterfully retrieved the ball when it was snatched from another’s hands.  The feeling given to all was that the rules were there to keep us safe. Masterful, that A.

Action, Cut, Curtain.

Three magic concepts that keep things clear.

My turn to guide them into puppetry.  A little hand warm-up (pinky to thumb push-ups) and then out came the puppets. Each was introduced (a man from an office! a soccer player! a girl with personality!) and kids claimed them.  When we ran short, out came the Shelter’s supply of furry little squeaky things and other plastic headed beings. Scurrying between puppets, we began.

We shared puppet hello’s.  We danced a happy dance to music.  We rolled out the Shelter’s puppet stage and kids volunteered to perform. Quite adept, very cool. I only had to hope that all hell wouldn’t break loose. It didn’t.  A, masterful A, was around to make sure that action, cut and curtain were maintained.

We ended with a bow, gathered our stuff and then the Shelter hosts asked us to think about a return engagement.

My thoughts? Insert animated doodle – a little Charlie Brown-ish, a little Garfield. Or, a little call in the shrink combined with devil-may-care why not. 

Dorit dances into Nofei Habsor

What else? A visit from Dorit from Albany – my colleague in the Project 2000 Living Bridge connection. Her students and my Grade 8 students are in touch via facebook and Skype and mailings. She arrived folkdancing onto our campus, hugging me with energy to spare. (and I plugged in)

What a woman! Our kids were delighted to meet her and learn about another form of life over the ocean.  A place where women in Conservative Synagogues do what men here in Traditional synagogues do. What? No! Yes, she said. And their eyes opened.  Life is not all that it seems from this tiny region in Eshkol Regional Council in the Northern Negev.  It’s not? No, it’s not…. How I hope that such a concept starts to penetrate their minds.

May this Living Bridge really serve to widen perspectives.

Online Teaching

We have an online Day for Grade 8 coming up in a little more than a week. For a two hour lesson plan, preparation so far has reached the 10 hour mark – and there’s more to come. Interesting. And when something’s interesting, attention is focused.

We’ve had some rocketfire this past week and the Army’s reacted. We’ve had rain and sun and a student took my bicycle this week (and was forced to return it). It’s been a week to wrap up in a ribbon.

no need for panic
yes bomb falls
check pulse, live on

May the weekend be glowing

early purim greetings from me to you


2 thoughts on “Oh sweet glorious week

  1. Judih your account of your puppeteer adventure sounded wonderful. Even adults like to play. And your explanation to the kids that Max was in space was pure brilliant. You worked your improvisational magic to great effect. 🙂


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