Return of night bombs

night bombs
news of wounded
restless sleep

Saturday morning, Purim.

My last day of vacation (3 day break was heaven-sent)

But alas, booms all night – up with noise. News reports of wounded.

Breathing, creating mandala circles, searching through the papers for locations of rocketfall.

Not your average weekend, yet here it is. Familiar.

How many days have arrived like this? rhetorical. Too many! Even one day is too much. The body remembers the feeling of tension as a boom is heard. Where did it come from, who was affected?

The mind supplies the imagery. The fingers type out questions in facebook. Are you safe? Update status!

Text messages tell us to stay indoors. Some will listen, some won’t.

Meanwhile, the booms rattle windows and the heart rattles back to normal pulse.


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