insanity of online exploration

Real life sits patiently

on the floor of my puppet room

within my disk-on-key

My mind zones out into a land of past regrets, deeds in need of repair, existences that i left but apparently have been linked to my neurons.

I can cringe at misdoings, head-in-the-sand non-viewings, ignoring the facts

but how much psychic weight can this human chew before this human refuses to continue?

Past lives can be revealed on facebook – a quick search through an ex-friend’s life. Catching up clearly presented as impossible. Re-linking quite obviously undesirable. Still, at one point I was connected and these links mattered.

How much ‘matter’ plugs into the brain and sticks around till the present moment? Is memory always loaded with emotion and remorse?

Happy events stick around without even a salute to ‘burden’.  happy is weightless like the scenes of Ilan Ramon as he felt the full release of outer space within his rocket Columbia.

but wrong moves are loaded, stay loaded until they’re resolved.

This is where the tools of NLP can come in to cleanse the psychic dumpster: find positive from the stomach-wrenching trail of errors.

We all must work this same beat – do, undo, do

When I do, I question. Will this be a good deed? How am I being perceived? Are my intentions clear?

Will my gesture, my comment get twisted and subverted?

How much chaos am I producing now? Or am I truly having my way with circumstances and cleaning up a bit of an earthly mess?

thoughts for Independence Day, 64th for Israel. Day off. Day for pondering.


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