July 14th dear nowtherapy

before i write
morning coffee
fan backs birdsong


dear dear

the euphoria of actually arriving at the state of Vacation has now passed and I’m hit by heat. 100 degrees Fahrenheit sounds so much more impressive than 39 Celsius. Although either is scary.

The Electric Co has warned us not to turn on A/C till five p.m. so that we can conserve power. uh huh. right. no, really, i’ll try. But is melted family worth it?

we all pile into one room and furtively turn on (no, not furtively – we’re up front about it) – turn on the A/C – keeping it set to 27 degrees which is a pleasant spring day kind of situation.

In this mode, one child can study Math. Another can try to contact his girlfriend abroad despite computer glitches and time zones. A third can come home from the army – lay blankets on the floor and pass out with exhaustion but a smile on his face.

Thus pass these few days of freedom.

My puppet groweth. She now has eyes and a lower lip. Soon upper and a head full of some kind of funky yellow concoction.

My energy leveleth off. I’m not a creature of heat. I love early mornings when the birds are smart enough to sing and look for snacks until they’re forced to find shade and stay out of sight. That’s me. I sing, watch youtubes and munch on melon and crackers till the heat makes any kind of frivolity impossible.

Thank you nowtherapy for listening. The lone bird that darts from pecan tree to neighbour’s bush applauds all efforts.



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