where’s the feminine?

daily knock-em-outs
bigger, meaner, more mighty
where’s the feminine?
where’s the comfort, the peace, the shoes off relaxation
where’s the welcome home
let your spirit soar
where’s the hug, the acceptance
where’s the striving for understanding
the encouragement
where’s the space
where’s the assurance that creativity is why we’re here
where’s the loose embrace
the nod in the direction of ‘go ahead’
where’s the supportive question
the empathetic nod
where’s the feminine?

cavern, judih watercolour 2000

judih (asking on august 25, 2012)


6 thoughts on “where’s the feminine?

  1. Where is the “gentle” in “gentlemen?” Why is the world a pressure cooker? Can we find the feminine source of peace we knew tens of thousands of years ago? I hope so my friend.

    • the peace of which you speak is within us all – can we be receptive? can we listen? with so many distractions, can we focus? i can only start with myself, daily, every chance i remember

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