My whole life’s in front of me

new year

(post birthday thoughts)

poem emerges

my whole life’s in front of me

Today, August 31st, 2:29 PM

my whole life
all of it
lies from here onward
from this moment of tears that well up
from lost birthdays
badly timed applause
undeserved reprimands mostly from myself
all of it, and more lies beyond this current second
an exhale and it’s already here
waiting for instructions
open at this end
open wider, let it all pour out!
large broad movements
fill the space
add water and stir
whirl and sing

directions in voice and ink
glued and tattooed to DNA
what choice do i have?

how can i be
anything else than my table of contents
from preface to afterword
from shiny cover to author pic

as thoughts become things
and mind becomes honed
the blank page plays a coda

all about to unfurl
with the wrist-ful snap of a fan
and a zenlike glance of a dancer

it’s all in front of me
my whole life
painted and indexed
about to crumble and sigh
as the rolling pin of impatience
slaps together a new dough
waiting for my knowing nod

the skills of years
rusty as they are
step into the future


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