I know, I am aware that attachment to events, feelings, thoughts can keep me from fully living in the present moment.

As I loop over scenarios and re-examine what happened, I try to catch other perspectives, but so doing, I dwell in the past.

Buddhism speaks of non-attachment or non-clinging.  I know that it’s something i strive for.

As in this daily dharma from

The Mind of No-Clinging

There’s no school that says, ‘Cling.’ Liberation is about cutting, or dissolving, or letting go of, or seeing through the attachment to anything. The description of the mind of no-clinging may be different in the different schools, but the experience of the mind of no-clinging is the same. How could it be different?

– Joseph Goldstein, “How Amazing!”

And so I consider this.


i arrive
positive images

splatch clash
reality attack
no one feels the vibe
everyone feels the chaos

to illusion
then delusion

sticky note
wrong outcome
what have i missed

how to resolve
how to smooth

attached to what ifs
different approaches
lingering maybes

loop-de-loop sighs



2 thoughts on “Attachment

    • it’s so ingrained in me that i slide into it – looking for a way to make it different next time. But next time will always present the same situation: an unexpected situation and me somewhere in the previous chapter or else leaping to the next.
      thanks for reading and commenting, Martina. shifting out of habitual analysis isn’t easy, is it?

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