learning to love

How many years have I looked into the heart of another and opened my heart?

How many times have I felt the feelings of another and started to weep?

Have  I been deluding myself?

Is this connection or projection? Is it a meeting or a retreat?

Can I observe my own confusion and love it as I’d love it in another?

photo: Deanne Rotta

Thich Nhat Hanh speaks of ‘holding anger like a mother holding the baby’.

Lovingkindness is us, but anger is also us. So one part of us taking good care of another part.

Anger is a kind of energy that comes from ourselves. Lovingkindness is another kind of energy. Every time the energy of anger is there, we should invite the energy of lovingkindness to be there to take care of anger.

Ram Dass asks how that is done and the answer is mindful breathing as a practical way to take care – breathing in, I am angry. Breathing out I am taking care of my anger.

I wish to remind myself that all the parts that I observe – including confusion, are equally deserving of lovingkindness. I wish to remind myself that I cannot begin to take care of my students until I recognize that I and all my parts are equally deserving of my unbiased love.


2 thoughts on “learning to love

    • anger, frustration, feelings of inadequacy, ah…the plethora of colours all waiting in line for their turn to turn up the volume! little dears – where would ‘i’ be without them!

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