What’s so difficult about rearranging the world?

A lot of good people have a lot of good ideas.

They share them with other good people.

They discuss, hone, perfect and set the wheels in motion to implement the good ideas.

But something seems to stop a lot of that flow


some twist of sociological interworking seems to crop up, preventing that good idea, worked on by good people, from being actualized to help other people live more reasonably.

Why is that?

What’s so difficult?

Look at Dean Kamen and his Segway. A simple pedestrian sized form of wheels created to deliver people in cities (or malls) to where they want to go without a lot of mess, fuss or inconvenience. Why aren’t our cities populated by simple little Segways? Why are we still forced to inhale fuel pollutants, risk our lives to cross streets, deal with unnecessary noise – all because people insist on taking cars from block A to block D?

The Segway. A good idea. It could rearrange the world. It was invented over 10 years ago. Why aren’t we seeing it in all of our cities?

Doing business via Segway

Back home, I’d like to rearrange my classroom. I’d like to rearrange students’ thought processes. I’d like to rearrange my own priorities first of all. Why is it so difficult?

How much inertia do we all gather as we live our successive years on Earth?

Is habitual ritual so very sacred that we refuse to give up things that we know are doing us harm?

What’s so difficult?


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