exhaustion hides between the lines

All lines are in place

lesson plans

morning routines


but my tension works away at my veneer

there’s no therapy strong enough to clean it all away in one fell swoop

i need continued expression

art, puppetry, dance, music

do i offer myself what i need?

do i truly allow what’s in to come out

it’s dying to come out

and it’s taking prisoners –  my sanity, my confidence, my creativity

let it out!

let my charging out, judih watercolour


One thought on “exhaustion hides between the lines

  1. What is it? you telepathic or something??!!! Can soooo relate, exhaustion, aching body, tight muscles, energy seeping to God knows where by the second…. counting the days till I can sleeeeep… the unseen monster is taking its victims

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