It’s true – I’m here January 26th

My very last post was about the implied belief system to which I adhere – belief that I will survive.


Dancing in Your Head, Don Cherry

Well, I’m here and living proof that my beliefs were well-founded.

I accomplished a lot of the stuff I was to do.

I finished my project on the Warsaw Ghetto in light of the Nazi agenda.

I managed to scrape together a presentation for this coming week in London.

I’ve just about hit the last few days of my incessant cough.

Things to look forward to: packing my bag – attempting to remember q-tips and my disk-on-key, dates and an umbrella

I need to remember to wake up in time to get my taxi to the airport.

I need to keep myself paced for a long journey and an eventful first day.

I’m going to see my nephew and his family – I’m going to navigate the tube

I’m going to dress warm enough to stay alive.

All this

my haiku will accompany me, in their unwritten form

my exercises will be done to maintain my basic standard of chi

my meditation will be done to touch my inner peace at least once a day and hopefully a lot more

all hands on deck. Who knows when or what I’ll be called upon to do.


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