March 1st – roll call


basic face

basic face


January – My trip to London (alas I didn’t blog it – but who had wi-fi when it was needed?) was phenomenal. To be in a conference of brilliant minds all wishing to share what they do and learn together new concepts to put into practice – well, that’s such a high bar of attention, that it’s hard to beat. (World ORT Wingate Seminar 2013)

I learned about gamification and how to step inside that new domain.

I heard from others that they would have been delighted to hear about puppetry in teaching. Next time!

I attended Chuquai Billy‘s poetry gig, and was happy to read some ku with him accompanying the breaks with his keyboard accents.

I met Jean from my ancient childhood and saw her current day incarnation – similar to then.

shops on High Street, Camden town

shops on High Street, Camden town

February – a month of catching up. Re-teaching that which hadn’t been taught in my absence. Re-dealing with kids who wanted to watch movies instead of study. Jumping into puppetry lessons with kids who want more per week. More and more!

Re-applying learnt concepts and re-kindling enthusiasm for a school day that doesn’t begin to offer the intense high of London’s Wingate Conference.

Sharing what I learnt with teachers in meetings and on the way to other things.

Re-thinking how I can engage my disengaged students.

Now March.


I feel the anxiety of students needing to pass Matriculation exams. I feel their lack of enthusiasm and preparation. I feel ill-equipped to deal with those who chose never to work. I feel helpless to help those who won’t work because they’re frustrated. I feel dismay with those who fear the work more than anything.

When free from feeling them, I devise wonderful techniques for implementing language. It’s all so simple without my students! Why is that?

(It’s complicated)

alter-ego mid-process

alter-ego mid-process

Saturday ku:

school dreams
haunt the morning

And so I awake way too early on a pure sweet Saturday. Not even coffee brightens my mind. Luckily the sun is out and the neighbour’s coughing session has ended. I can open the window and breathe in pure sweet refreshment.

anemones in the Negev

anemones in the Negev


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