March 16 – Saturday before neighbours wake up

Even the cat hasn’t shown up.
it’s quiet round here.
barely hinting of the soon to be hot-hot day.

the quiet road

the quiet road

First Saturday of Passover vacation and all is mostly well.
Joseph Campbell and the mythology of heroes tingles in my subconsciousness as I trace the latest updates in facebook and my poetry and other forums.

I’m a moderator or administrator for a few of those sites. I never know if I’m going to click into a marvelous thread of poetry

or a bizarre discussion

or a dastardly show of chutzpah as a spambot attempts to lure in a naive public.

Will I be an agent of justice or a smiling one in a crowd of happy chatters.

I’m seldom one in a crowd. I’m seldom a happy chatter. So these possibilities intrigue!
My morning haiku reflects what currently bubbles underneath my surface

from the depths
voices drift away
self emerges

I reflect on my wishes and hopes for the next few weeks.
My book. My NLP experience as a budding practitioner.
My poetry. Collecting my latest work – publishing myself or simply passing on to another.
My puppets.

everyone's got an opinion
everyone’s got an opinion

My still percolating dream of performing The Nightingale with my puppetry class.

My wish to quiet into meditations and focus my mind on the essentials.

good air, good food, good relationships with myself and others.

happy Saturday to all.


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