March 23rd – recap of dreams and making peace with gravity

from up high
earth activity reboot
pick and choose

I used to dream of flying a lot. Really zooming and then landing somewhere. Dream joy returned to me as I found a faster way of getting around a few dreams ago. In my contraption of lightly molded materials (bamboo or cane or aluminum, or other) I was able to traverse considerable streetblocks and upon eagle eye-ing my desired destination, I had to calculate descent, wind velocity and speed in order to arrive.

It was a marvelous focusing method of switching from freedom to interaction on a more common human plane.

Learning to fly. Learning how to dream lucidly. Trying out techniques spelled out to me for decades, all whirling through my brain lobes waiting for my attention.

How much magic and skill awaits me, my focus.

Pick and choose. Find awareness that all kinds of tidbits of experience sit in patient wait in some shiny cell formation. Abandoned but still viable. Open those doors, oh mind of mine.

No reason to sit out the dance of life and knowledge. Grow into it. It’s all there.

Circles - welcome home

Circles – welcome home


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