Help! Therapy wanted

It’s officially the beginning of Summer break.

jill badonsky summer

I need:

a mini tour to India.

a quick 8 day retreat

a session in watercolour expression

a cool pool in the middle of the desert

a long-lost friend to revive my long-lost curiousity

a session of adrenaline-driven conversation

a walk into somewhere unknown and pleasantly accessorized with good surprises

a store that sells comfortable cotton clothes so that I can buy things to wear and forget that I’m wearing them

a room set up for sketching

an invisible secretary to remind me that I’m alive

a tibetan singing bowl that offers a call to silence without me having to lift the wooden pallet

a clue as to where my friends are

a message that my children are healthy

a kiss from my beloved

a free hand when I dye my new white shirt

an amazing find in a second hand shop

a promise of a free day every 2 days

a cool room when it’s hot

a favourite song to sing



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