Oct 3rd into Fall

Q. How much meditation does it take to turn on a brain?

A. Not much, but also a lot

Each day begins with the usual range of activities including the most important – morning sound meditation. I focus on posture, breathing and sound. I hold onto the image of a purple blue spot of light under my eyelids and I chant.

Result: better voice, better feeling, happiness.

Each school day I begin by conducting a meditation session with a class – each day a different class along with their homeroom teacher. I scan the room and decide which meditation to use – with or without music, with or without a video clip.

Result: better feeling, better connection with others, happier homeroom teacher.

There’s a pattern here. Meditation = better

There is a quantity required, no doubt, before all those amazing statistics roll into play – higher grade point average, better focus, stronger memory, reduced anxiety and stress, reduction in violence. There is such a quantity and it’s been measured.

But for now, i’m working on observation and accumulation of good feelings.

Meditation is better. It’s better when practiced in a group. It’s better when encouraged with positive feelings. It’s better than not having such a tool when such a tool is needed.

How much? I plan to find out.



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