What’s a little Stress?

Yes! I’m happy and grateful that I’ve incorporated meditation into my school time as well as into my morning at home.

Yes! I’m pleased that I’m more able to notice when I’m stressed and able to breathe out when I feel it!

and uh huh! I’m better off knowing than not.


when things start to pile up, and to do lists birth new lists

and other missions get added onto the already bulging lists


stress happens.

sleep is less available

and meditation time is more devoted to getting back to base line.

And so my question: what do you do?

Do you grab the time to dance? To let loose. Let your body respond to the music? Take me with you!

Do you take a short jog in open green fields? Let the breeze accompany you. Your body and breath together in a rhythmic beat? Send me a postcard!

Do you wander orange groves, smelling blossoms and fresh earth, contemplating the basic truth of how life includes doing nothing in particular but being? That’s my choice. That’s what I need more of. That’s what I’ll do today.

orange blossoms with thanks to the photographer
orange blossoms with thanks to the photographer

All this before tomorrow sneaks in to offer more of the  afore-mentioned to do lists (of which I shall not think)

Wishing us all a delicious present moment and a joyful spring.

May the orange blossoms call one and all to pause and drink in the beauty of the present moment.


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