slow walk

The calendar is about to flip. Summer vacation is trickling to an end.

Look at all this!

Look at all this!


what’s in store?

Again this year, I’ll be discovering new students and working to meet the minds of others in a way that opens up options.

A fancy way of saying – i hope to learn how to teach so that we all learn.

Meditation is part of this mix – the more the better. Morning sits, afternoon sits, breathing exercises mid-lesson or after lesson. On Thursday evenings on the kibbutz and whenever I walk or remember to be mindful.

Teaching 8th grade students the exercises of mindfulness and what all of it will do their brains.

I’ll be studying a few courses, online and in-person and that means that I’ll be mixing mindsets and schedules – tossing a salad of school and non-school.

I get to offer Puppetry to kids from ages 9-11 who choose to be exposed to alternate learning environments.

Lots to do.


Before this whole enchilada is served, I’ve got a birthday to acknowledge. I’m entering the official golden years of my life. I’m an oldie.

Retirement age. Half-price on public transportation. I don’t know what else, but I’m sliding right into finding out.

Happy birthday and may this third third of my counted days be fun!


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