Reflecting on doings and beings

Looking back at this teaching and studying year, it seems like a lot has happened. A lot of doings. A lot of events.


Art days


Web chats

And studying

Buddhism via a few courses

Positive Psychology

Personal Resilience

In Memory – appreciating the lives of those who perished

Touring around Israel – inspecting the sites of the stories of the Bible

A School Twinning Course

Memory taught with examples from movies

Learning to Learn

Finding Happiness and Fulfillment

So many courses

I learned a lot

I listened to Mindfulness Summits.

I wrote poetry

I submitted to magazines

I taught mindfulness to grade 8 students

I led meditation sessions on my kibbutz

I led students in a new digital project and learned a new online platform

I narrated a film and then another.

And by simply being

I became a grandmother and discovered that life takes on a new super tingle just by that one switch of circumstance.

I began to wonder if I really want to continue my life as it is. Do I want to really live here? Do I want to change my daily activities? What makes me feel good? How much do I want to interact with others and if I could choose, which others?

Do I want to work with those older than me?

Or younger?

Do I want to write? And what do I want to write?

Is it time for me to reconsider living far away and devoting my time to painting, being, meditating

Or perhaps a retreat once a year is enough

I reflect on what brings the most smiles to my face. The moments fly into focus: when I taught puppetry. Helping kids create their puppets from their own designs. Helping them prepare a stage. Offering them my time and more time when they seriously wanted to work on their play.

Smiles when I met brilliant pupils who were open with me and shared themselves. Smiles when I worked on art projects and spoke eye-to-eye with young people.

Many such meetings and much good feeling was derived. These special moments of heart meeting heart are what make my life. As always. I remember from a very young age, the vibration of these precious moments when pretense is stripped away and a glimpse of understanding is shared.

Reflection on how to maximize such moments brings me into further deliberation.

As I pause on this 18th day of June.



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