Son in Australia – post 1

Yes, it’s been over a week since my son left for Australia.

His first job lasted a minute and a half (actually a week, but his gut told him NO at two minutes) and now he’s on his second job.

The problem: an attempt to remain zen with iffy telephone contact.

For the first few days, he had no phone. Then he did. But we couldn’t call it. Then he called us! Then we called him and two times his voice equalled a reiki session. Calm.

Then we got a phone call. He was alone in the middle of Australia, hours from Sydney, awaiting a pick-up that wasn’t showing up. In the middle of the dark night. Alone.

What does a parent do? Even if we wanted to run and pick him up from that lonely intersection somewhere in Australia, it would be a 24 hour plane ride alone. Not to mention searching throughout a huge continent for an unknown roadside location.

We heard nothing. Till the next day. He’d been picked up. But now he was alone in a structure in the middle of nowhere – no internet and the barest occasional phone reception. He was lonely but worse, he was afraid of the snakes.

Snakes. In the middle of nowhere. Somewhere in Australia. Snakes. What about scorpions? Dingoes?


This is good for him. What else can a parent say? This is what builds character.

Buy yourself a good knife, advises his father. And good strong, high boots.

I think- get yourself a dog.


When I try to call his cellphone, there’s never a connection.


This is what builds character.

Ahl back when he was safe from snakes


Haiku therapy

yesterday’s haiku as Ahl is mid-journey


beautiful boy
somewhere over Asia
breathes new mountains


today’s haiku as Ahl lands on the runway


mother jumps out of bed
son lands in Sydney
tomorrow’s haiku
a breath of air
yet to be breathed

ahl/mother hug