So, how’s September been treating you?

September has made herself comfortable on my calendar. She’s brought along new faces, new intentions, new promises to keep.


I knew about September and her baggage. I knew that as soon as I stepped into the educational framework, I’d be automatically drawn to the many stories surrounding pupils and projects. So, I promised myself to meditate, I vowed to walk intentionally whenever I had to move from building to building. I promised to breathe, to drink water before I felt the incursion of teacher-zombie mode. I would not lose ‘it’ but rather be the presence I wished to be.

This year, among other assignments, I have two challenging classes to teach in regular school. One is a grade 7 class with all the fresh optimism of being in a new school and discovering new customs. I witness smiling faces, still unspoiled by threats of bureaucracy or larger, older students.

They want to learn and they want to succeed. This is a fine meeting of minds! What could be more in tune with my plans? I only need to work out disciplinary measures when the smiles turn to bullying or other anti-social disruptions of the velvety classroom atmosphere.

The other class is a 10th grade class. These dear students are in a pilot programme in which we will be working two programs in the time when usually, only one is demanded. We will be studying the English Literature program at two levels of difficulty – first the basic and then the more advanced. My role is to successfully guide them through it. I don’t expect velvety ambience but I’d love to feel student resolve to work with me towards our goal.

Be the presence, I say to myself.

Calm, attentive, rewarding effort and recognizing positive interaction – that’s my task.

But when shouting and conversations about up and coming parties take precedence over ‘George’s character’ in our story, I need to apply counter-measures.

I pull out Whole Brain Teaching techniques (thank you Chris Biffle). When the class gets noisy, I say “Class!” and they say “Yes”.  If I choose to say it briskly then they must answer briskly. If I go mellow, then they must respond ‘mellow’.  They need to notice me, my voice and my intonation. This is a sound measure to capture attention and refocus scattered minds.

I like it.

I am not required to yell, stand on a desk or speed-dial a Principal in order to secure quiet in the room. I use a stance in the room and one word.

So far, this word has had to be repeated a few times in order to get full-class response, but it still works better than the heavily abused ‘SSSSSHHHHH’ or the slightly more linguistic “QUIET” neither of which seems to be effective for longer than a split-second.


It’s mid-September. I still remember to walk intentionally from class to class. I’m still wearing my Canadian-bought Crocs, which are slightly more stylish than the originals, but are so utterly comfortable that they cradle my step and help me notice my feet on the patio stones that pave the underlying sand dunes of our desert school.

I remember to breathe, but usually only when I wish to remind others to breathe. Their anxiety helps me remember my own!

I drink water. Unfortunately, as I deplete my huge bottle, students deplete their own and I’m forced to reassess upholding the school rule which states that in a double lesson, the students must remain seated for the first lesson and only during lesson two, can they get up and refill their bottles or empty their bladders.

Bureaucracy! (as I feel my pulse elevate, I breathe!)

So, September!

I’ve also been given an added pressure. I’ve heard through  the grapevine of past students that so far, or at least as of last week, I’m considered the ‘best’ teacher in 7th grade, and true or false, that piece of info adds additional weight. What a huge standard to maintain! The best teacher keeps calm, teaches at a few levels to inspire all students, employs different media to allow all students to show off their knowledge or learn new skills. The best teacher is pleasant and utterly human. The best teacher needs to have a pleasant smell and an appearance that speaks for itself (energetic, alive, etc)

Even the second best teacher would be a title I could live with. But ‘the best’? Oy. and ommm.


In October, I have a few more projects and courses to study.

But now, mid-September, I have a chance to pause for Rosh Hashana.  Here is time to read a few brilliant writers, enrich my heart, hug my family.

May I have the inner resources to deal with pressures one ion at a time, and in my doings, maintain my effort to be in the present moment.

I wish you the same!


Unconference, Sheffayim Nov 14/14

What is an Unconference?

Receiving an invitation asking if they are interested in contributing to a given theme, would be participants apply, get approval and then show up at a designated venue on the prescribed day. There, they select a time-slot, sign up and prepare to present their project for 25 minutes or so.

The white-board of time-slots and locations gets quickly filled up with topics and presenters.

Attendees gather round and fill out their own schedule according to what looks good.

A bell is sounded and it begins.

November 14, 2014 Unconference at Sheffayim Bank Hapoalim  8:30 – 2:30 pm. This year’s theme:  School as a way to close social gaps

We were told to get there early to sign up!

So it was that on November 13th, I travelled north to Petah Tikvah to stay the night. My daughter and her fiancee drove me up to Sheffayim and I checked in, got my name tag and waited for the go-ahead to pick a time slot and sign up.

I took a look at an already rapidly filling board. Apparently some speakers knew that they could ask via facebook to pre-register. I hadn’t known that. There’d been no such offer in my email correspondence with the organizers. Oh well. Next time.

I picked the ‘Iris’ room, first thing. Class Relax, my project, is a morning focus technique. What could be better, I thought,  than offering such refreshment at the beginning of what was going to be a stimulating day. I set up my Class Relax powerpoint. Got the sound and picture adjusted and waited for an audience. Who knew that Miznah, a member of the Knesset, was speaking at the same time. Oops. My naivete was showing. I thought that morning meditation would take precedence over anything else!

I gave my talk to two fine individuals, who enjoyed it, and introduced me to others who could possibly help me continue development.

Handheld-XylophoneAt the time signal, I packed up and headed out to my next chosen talk: Listening from the Heart.

This was the brainchild of Ronen Arbel and Efrat, who have taken the principle of Native American listening circles and developed games to promote attentive listening to others and oneself.

Listening from the Heart

Listening from the Heart

I then headed to Batiya, who is offering Dance and movement at Kiryat Ono. The current class is doing their Bagrut work on the subject. It was fabulous. Also done in a circle, one is attentive to the leader’s movements and variations. Attention to style, rhythm, intent and energy all make for a wonderful holistic movement experience.



At the sound, I headed into the main lobby  to join others taking a break to mingle, share, drink water and coffee.And then off to the next session.

The idea of the Unconference is to publicize one’s project and make connections with others doing similar work or able to offer support. I networked with possible future connections. The work is ahead of me.

What else did I attend?

The Technical School in Ofakim, which offers real education for students who simply don’t fit  into the normal academic stream. The school accepts students in Grade 9, offers them special tutoring to get them up to grade level and then they are ready in Grade 10 to begin a vocational stream: in Electronics, Mechanics, etc. working closely with industry such as the Airforce and other industries in the Ofakim area.  The school sees them to graduation with a diploma and then into life with skills and often job placement.

I attended Daniel Landau’s talk on Information and Mind, his foundation devoted to creating a better, more centered human being who is able to recognize the constant stream of information that floods us. We are always at the job, hooked in to our social and professional life via our cellphones. We forget to step away. His foundation is also supporting Class Relax in its goal to teach us to detach from past and future and build ourselves an anchor from within.

Fascinating. I hope to see you there next time!

Unconference, Tovanet in Education School as a way to close social gaps