Haiku therapy

yesterday’s haiku as Ahl is mid-journey


beautiful boy
somewhere over Asia
breathes new mountains


today’s haiku as Ahl lands on the runway


mother jumps out of bed
son lands in Sydney
tomorrow’s haiku
a breath of air
yet to be breathed

ahl/mother hug


A visual focus

(I’ve spoken about listening to my surroundings before writing a morning haiku – and that’s how i continue to do it daily, but….)

How about a visual focus?

How about looking at an image and allowing one’s unconscious to focus on that image, interact with that image, sit a while with that image and then relate to what’s perceived to create words?

How about bridging the unconscious with the conscious via an image?

So, i tried.

Here’s the haiku i wrote (probably based on yesterday’s post about ‘cutting the cord‘) and below, the image that i used, found at Haiku Eaters, gotpoetry.com:

i watch from here
as you swim away
tears of goodbye

image from 'mamta' at haiku eaters, gotpoetry.com

Music as haiku

warning: after the intro  I get to the point

The other day an interview with me (!) appeared in the 16th Anniversary Issue of the Cenacle. This marvelous magazine has been promoting exceptional literature, at one time in monthly editions and now in quarterly segments. Raymond Soulard, Jr a favourite poet of mine is the editor and once approached me to include the interviews I do with poets as part of his Radio show, SpiritPlants radio.

A long introduction to the idea of music

The point of the above is this:  I sent out the link of the interview Raymond published in the Cenacle issue and I received some feedback from my family. One such comment came from my brother, the brilliant filmmaker who has devoted his life to discovering interesting sounds and images to include in his vast body of work, (Larry Weinstein, Rhombus Media). This comment took the form of a reference to music by Webern. This piece is musical haiku – focusing the ear and riveting the imagination in pointillism audio scapes.

I suggest this as a tool for focus:

Webern: 5 Pieces for Orchestra, Op 10

Morning Haiku

hummingbird, zohar haggai

It’s been a while now that upon arising, I listen to the sounds outside and within my mind after a night of dreams, and I write a haiku.

Haiku is a short collection of words to describe a moment, a view, an insight of the present moment. It offers the mind a chance to shuck off superfluous noise and to zoom in on detail in as precise a way as possible. It allows the mind a chance to take a shower in understanding and come out with a few syllables that have never before been revealed.  It allows for focus.

Practising this, daily, is a way into more highly attentive participation in my day. I’m more open to seeing my surroundings, and I’m more sensitive to hearing the sounds around me.

I won’t exaggerate and claim I’m more able to deal with people’s anger or to change anyone else’s point of view, but I am more interested in looking into people’s eyes, checking their auras and feeling their personalities. I won’t overdo it by claiming that I’m more successful in any of these pursuits, but I’m more aware of the nuances that I confront as I seek to reclaim that sense of equilibrium that I feel when I’ve written a haiku that represents what I notice.

I use my site Thistles and Marigolds to post my haiku. Or I go to the Haiku Corner of Tricycle. com

one haiku from this morning:



spinach conquers basil

my neighbour’s garden


And so the mysteries of nature while I sleep are described upon my awakening. (and i mean awakening with a small ‘a’)

Morning Haiku. a nice way to begin a fresh day.