It’s Time to Meet my Inner Organizer!

It’s time to meet my inner Organizer.

I need her now, to stand in her full light, full abilities and efficiency. 

There are tasks that must be immediately addressed. Oh, Inner Organizer, appear! 

I’m not joking. This is serious.  Just look at this list of items that are carouselling in my head.

Task One for Teaching Puppetry for Excellence to pupils aged 9-12

  1. Break down the steps of puppet building in order to create a series of visuals. This needs to be ready by October 12th.

  2. Make a list of all the supplies required to teach 60 pupils in 3 puppet workshops. By Monday!

  3. Decide which items  can be donated from my own supplies. This would be good: an act of de-cluttering while offering generousity and compassion.

Task Two for Teaching Mindfulness, the Language of Attentiveness to 8th Graders

  1. Organize the Mindfulness classes into pleasant cue-cards for easy reference.

Potential further task: Home Check:

  1. Would be nice category: What needs doing in the house – decorating, rearranging, acquiring, repairing. Prioritize and make a list

I know it’s time to call in the Organizer

For her everything is basic logistics. She takes the necessary facts and arranges them nicely into viable and comprehensible steps in order to arrive at a desired result.

The Organizer is so very skilled that she attracts energy and light and makes everything line up into clearly doable chunks.

She brings relaxation to fight or flight jitters. Calm replaces chaos.  

Who wouldn’t love working with her?

It’s time for a visual as I call her forth.

Expert-Sandy Maynard

I call upon my inner Sandy Maynard: Life Coach extraordinaire.

With her, any task is as simple as eating delicious grapes. Buy them, wash them, put them in a bowl and start in. One two three and you’ve got yourself step four! Yes!

mmmm grapes

mmmm grapes

So, awake, ye Inner Sandy! Comb hair. Brush teeth. Wear a clean shirt. Fold arms and smile.

Let’s get started!

(what? first coffee? Okay. Deal!)


Agonies of being spread too far

A teacher comes to school with intentions:

  • To harbour a safe environment in the classroom

  • To defend individual sensitivities

  • To fan the flames of intellectual curiousity

  • To give respect, to teach giving respect by example

  • To encourage bravery

  • To applaud effort

  • To enforce basic rules of human rights

All of the above walk into a classroom together with the lesson plan meant to guide students through the necessary curriculum, whether it be the abcs, the tricks of reading comprehension, the knack of researching information, and the skill of producing some form of comprehensible language.

All of the above.

But, what happens when…

This fine specimen of teacherhood walks into a classroom and begins the noble pursuits and then all hell breaks loose?

Why hell?

Well, along comes a recalcitrant child with a ball!  large ball, small ball, doesn’t matter. Suddenly without blinking an eye, the ball takes over the room. Immediate tossing, and then the requests to be allowed to toss “if they’re good” (which of course cannot occur while the ball’s being tossed and everyone’s in a frenzy of tossing it far away from the teacher’s grasp)

While the ball tossing’s set in motion, along pops in a few more stragglers with further demands. “But you promised I could pick a song ‘next time’.” “Hey we wanna finish watching that movie, X’s class gets to watch movies, in fact X’s class is watching a movie right now!”

And the ball goes whizzing by.

“Teacher!” cries one brave soul who’s following instructions, working with the plan but needs a little help. “Teacher! Can you come here? “

Oh, how teacher would love to be there for said student, but there’s been a massive movement of tables blocking teacher’s way. Why? ah, yes. While ball tossing and song requests and movie persuasion have been going on, the computer technician finally showed up to fix the hi-tech interactive board equipment which required desk shifting in order to reach the projector.

Ah, yes, and the little student goes:”Teacher, oh Teacher…can you come over here.”  Suddenly iphones appear and photos are shot, games are revealed and someone begs permission to go buy some lunch at the school cafeteria.

If i were a cartoonist, i’d be able to say: Nobody move. Freeze! i need to draw this.

But my inner cartoonist is having a hard time working with the educator, foster mother, innovator and idealist all bubbling up within this one particular personality.

Spread too far.

Not enough me to implement the basics of educating.

I’d be happy for clones – but clones better than i am – clones at the top of their game – with energy!

and I haven’t even started to mention feminism or equal rights. Bring in the feministing crew.  My classes need a makeover.

next time. Good Wednesday to you.