Listening! Open ears and come down to earth

Upon sitting in this marvelous space -a large window open to the trees and yards of others, i’m able to listen.

I can hear the birds, the wind in the grasses and trees. I can hear the hum of my computer, the sun on the ground.

I’m able to listen to the sound, to myself and come to the awareness that we are all together on the earth, all interconnected.

Listen to the world and relax. Feel the present moment.

And as I open my ears, i can hear myself, my voice, my emotions. I can hear another if they choose to speak to me. i can hear and respond. I can listen to how they accept my words – if they smile, i hear it. If their face or body language changes, I can hear.

I can hear if they want reassurance or if the mere act of listening has in any way made its way to their heart.

All this from listening – to being present to the sounds around me.

I had the happy experience of listening to Gary Gach, the amazing Buddhist teacher, practitioner, writer of poetry and haiku and books, of course – The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Buddhism is a favourite of mine.

He spoke in such brilliant soundbytes – each word a gift, his present of poetry a true wake-up call.

If you can listen, please allow yourself the time – here’s the link: Listen! Open your Ears