morning tibetan singing bowl

Night curtains the booms

protected by duvet

i cuddle a pillow,

till a creak of shoes signals return of partner

home from night guarding the kibbutz.

Quietly he replaces his gun,

removes his jacket

and i’m up

to insert coffee into my waiting brain

to inscribe haiku onto a blank page

news, shower, exercise


tibetan singing bowl

arouses my core

entrance to the inner zone

where breath takes precedence

mind melts inward

hypnosis into a reservoir of patience and love

i lose focus

tibetan singing bowl returns a reminder

vibration into space

ripples into consciousness


Living under rocketfire

That has more or less been the ‘tag’ of this week.  Just saying it raises my heart rate, but I guess I have to admit that we’ve have been living under rocketfire and not just for this past week but (oh my god, it’s true) for eleven years or so.

Even without the physical rocketfire, we have been living knowing that it could happen any second and what we must do should there be sirens or booms without prior alert.

This week the rocketfire returned.

Some of my morning haiku of the week:


shells from the sky
jupiter and venus far above
keep their rendezvous

planets travel
paths of destiny
worlds apart

these 2 above – my gaze was up at the planets – a show of optimism, of keeping things in proportion


after the bombs
birds celebrate
new melodies


back to hot sweats
hormones dance hava negila
after the bombs

these two -3 and 4 – are signs of my immediate relief that the booms stopped hitting our kibbutz and immediate zone, but…


torrential sleep
rush of hibernation
until dawn

this morning’s ku above (5)…knowing that the Ceasefire was hardly a done deal – rockets, grads fell on cities and in our area – sleep comes as thick escape.

What else? I made the newspaper – Mordechai Twersky of Ha’ interviewed me and Eliahu Hershkovitz took a photo of me with a puppet I’ve been using for self-therapy. Love puppetherapy – it works for me. Does wonders. I listen to the female puppet speak her mind. I then offer a chance to the male puppet to present his coping methods. Then along comes the blue Buddha puppet who manages to blend the yin/yang and put me in a more balanced state of being.

Here’s the link to the paper:

and here’s to a quieter day.

photo by: Eliyahu Hershkovitz