Mid-project kind of morning

When a project goes into the night, and eyelids start to combat attentiveness, sleep is the only mediating factor.

That brings me to a wake-up via birds and coffee and then straight to mid-project mode.

It’s as if life quietly crochets stars and dreams waiting for me to reappear. Well, here I am, life.

There’s a deadline of sorts to be considered: by eight a.m. I have to be ready for another totally different project. That’s fine.

Nothing rushed here – unless inevitable distractions arise.

Ah, those inevitable distractions – sudden calls for attention – whether by child, friend or acquaintance.  A sudden fabulous newspaper article that must be read. A poem that for some reason insists on being written. A knock on the door. A laundry load that begs doing.

The wonderful mysteries of what lies ahead!

Will my projected plan make it from thought to deed?

youtube, google chat, be my friends today – make the plan a reality! (a chant for luck) *from NLP to ADHD – an easy morning

'luck' in Chinese