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judih Oct 2013


morning fairytale


all the way to six
body reborn
morning fairy tale


Every morning, it’s a new energetic start to infinite possibilities. Raise your hand, or lift your eyebrow, if you agree with me. ¬†‘I Believe I Can Fly‘ – every morning.

Tons of time. Lots of available oxygen. A cup of coffee. A first taste of water. Some food.

Luscious poetry to read (all the stuff posted while i slept). A morning ku to write (to see what gets channeled after my dreams). E-mails from friends. Tweets. Facebook postings. Songs to hear. Yes!

then up pops the notion of time. Shower. Exercise. Meditation. Bike ride to school.

Early morning at work Рso few people around. Smell of herbs. New flowers have sprouted overnight. The grass is green. The  quiet is comforting.

Then comes the slow rush of other human beings. Each comes with a set of dilemmas, anxieties, news. Each paints my raw canvas with their emanations.

And slowly the endless hours of possibilities become filled with paperwork, demands, interactions, givings and gettings.

All the way to the end of the day.

A luscious dinner (salad, lentils, cauliflower or cabbage or marrows). Maybe some popcorn for fun.

Then to sleep with a smile. The futon, the cozy duvet, my warm partner.

Dream time to refresh.

until a new legend of infinite possibility is hatched.


lone ranger

gallops in designer jeans

fighting injustice