May 12th – How many times must a procrastinator rule

I have a few ongoing projects.

This is the story of my life.

I always have a few ongoing projects that get pushed aside while I focus on the urgent projects with encroaching deadlines.

Those projects without deadlines remain ‘ongoing’.

Now that I’m studying NLP, I know that in order to attain a goal, I need a well-defined outcome. I need to visualize, feel, sense and focus on my ultimate goal and then go back and build a schedule to keep me moving forward until the ultimate completion.

My daughter who has not yet had the benefit of sitting in a classroom to learn that particular technique came to that understanding by herself. She observed what happens when she has an encroaching goal and she noticed that she would ultimately place her most frenetic focus on accomplishing her goal when the last minute loomed over her head.

She decided that writing down the goal – how she wants to be seen at that moment, her intention fully realized, what she meant to communicate with the completion of her goal, all that can go back into designing her schedule.

The ultimate final triumph could be attained only by  efficient and holistic planning.

This is a stroke of genius. Simple, smart understanding.

So, then, why do I procrastinate? Why do I put off doing the nitty-gritty organizational stuff? Why am I forever researching instead of doing? Is it because I enjoy the research more than the goal?

Is it that I’m an observer by nature rather than a doer?

I believe that I simply love to investigate all kinds of avenues before I settle into my own mind. Once I allow myself in to myself, I’m happy and thrilled to once again be working in my creative zone. But I lose track so easily.

And so, I listen to those more in touch with what works, and today I open up this blog, with the intent to use my self-therapy to keep myself in touch with the living breathing world rather than my imagination.

With love


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