Music as haiku

warning: after the intro  I get to the point

The other day an interview with me (!) appeared in the 16th Anniversary Issue of the Cenacle. This marvelous magazine has been promoting exceptional literature, at one time in monthly editions and now in quarterly segments. Raymond Soulard, Jr a favourite poet of mine is the editor and once approached me to include the interviews I do with poets as part of his Radio show, SpiritPlants radio.

A long introduction to the idea of music

The point of the above is this:  I sent out the link of the interview Raymond published in the Cenacle issue and I received some feedback from my family. One such comment came from my brother, the brilliant filmmaker who has devoted his life to discovering interesting sounds and images to include in his vast body of work, (Larry Weinstein, Rhombus Media). This comment took the form of a reference to music by Webern. This piece is musical haiku – focusing the ear and riveting the imagination in pointillism audio scapes.

I suggest this as a tool for focus:

Webern: 5 Pieces for Orchestra, Op 10