Meanwhile during the Military “Operation”

Operation Protective Edge

not a war. no. an Operation.

Red alerts sound

take cover

Booms. and quiet

How do I spend my time?

I am doing intensive puppet therapy.

As I do during such times and also as I do in regular times, but then only on Saturdays,  the only days I have available for foam rubber, paint and glue.

How does it work?

When I work on making puppets, I am focused. Time is irrelevant. Life is good.

puppets await further body parts

puppets await further body parts

Do I like interruptions?

When I am asked to speak about the current not-War situation: how I am, if the kibbutz was targeted, how many red alerts we’ve had, I prefer not to go there.

Back to foam rubber shaping and the artistry of a paintbrush on an eyeball.

It all connects with contact cement.

Still waiting

Still waiting

What are the signs of happiness?

My paintbrushes stand drying beside my toothbrush. A sign of life!


No School – orders to stay close to shelters

So, on one hand, it’s fun. No school. Yay!

On the other hand, it’s a pain in the ass. Why should my life be interrupted by a few rockets fired at my community?

me in my pyjamas

Still, how to spend a day when given a chance to spend it at home?

There’s completing my comments for report cards. Done

There’s posting polls on my class facebook pages. Done

There’s offering online quizzes for students who might be bored or interested enough to try to learn something. Done.

There’s offering online songs with spaces for fill-ins for those students who might be teased into learning something. Done

Then there’s chat

and google hang-out for attempting to have a meeting.  Not done, but perhaps in the making.

And homework. Spiritual Resistance in the Ghettos during WWII.

Spiritual Resistance. Doing whatever it takes to raise the morale when faced with oppression. It’s fitting. So my puppet was a good meditation guide this morning when my meager brain was insufficient. And I up the joy of practicing puppetry together with a repeat session of morning meditation.

Spiritual resistance. When the body is told to stay put, the mind soars