Meanwhile during the Military “Operation”

Operation Protective Edge

not a war. no. an Operation.

Red alerts sound

take cover

Booms. and quiet

How do I spend my time?

I am doing intensive puppet therapy.

As I do during such times and also as I do in regular times, but then only on Saturdays,  the only days I have available for foam rubber, paint and glue.

How does it work?

When I work on making puppets, I am focused. Time is irrelevant. Life is good.

puppets await further body parts

puppets await further body parts

Do I like interruptions?

When I am asked to speak about the current not-War situation: how I am, if the kibbutz was targeted, how many red alerts we’ve had, I prefer not to go there.

Back to foam rubber shaping and the artistry of a paintbrush on an eyeball.

It all connects with contact cement.

Still waiting

Still waiting

What are the signs of happiness?

My paintbrushes stand drying beside my toothbrush. A sign of life!


So, what’s new – June 3/2014

It’s been almost a year that I’ve been involved in MindCET.


This has been a first-time pilot bringing educators together with entrepreneurs. We were offered lectures and guidance and hands-on seminars in how to build a start-up, how to think creatively, how to present. We were given workshops in how to present our idea and hone it to a form where people understood what we were getting at. We were drilled in how to hone our idea until it became feasible enough to form a site or app.

I started the year with my idea of building a meditation app – something that would know (via handheld phone) when i needed to time-out for a breathing session. the app would warn me and then offer me tactile methods to take that all important break.

That idea warped into a cocoon while I was asked to work with another educator who was building an app for interactive Museum visits. I loved the idea and we worked with imaginative advisers and UX designers.

Till she shrugged off the idea.

I went back to re-think my Meditation app.

Slowly it passed into the idea of a site where I could offer meditations.

Now it has become interactive and in a few weeks I’ll be presenting it in a big Demo Day called MindBlitz!


I’ll be practising my presentation, remembering my words and the statistics to back up my interest.

That’s what’s been going on with that.

I’ve been teaching puppetry to a group of 8th and 9th graders who are talented in various ways. They are very different from last year’s group who worked well together and fed each other’s differences within the framework of the puppet stage.

This year, I have individuals who have expressed themselves visually through their puppets.


I’ve been running the Partnership 2gether project between Albany and our school in the Western Negev. These students have met via Google Hang-out since the fall and have worked on various projects including mailing one another gifts, and drawings, and ID cards. They’ve participated in online bulletin boards like and google chats. They’ve played online Charades. But the big fail was a lack of independent chats – whether facebook or google


Most of the American kids were not digitally connected – perhaps because of their age.

Will the project continue next year? I hope so! I want to see Dorit my partner in the project!

End of school year means end of teaching 4 classes as well.

I still have plans – to complete my haiku book

to finish my series of puppets which I’ve been working on this entire year – usually on Saturdays and school holidays.

To visit Toronto in the summer.

To finish a pilot for my Meditation site for implementation in September.

and so, this is nowtherapy – a brief review of my year – it’s been a while since I’ve had time for a review.

nothing deep here – but a skate-through – and a smile

Riding bareback on a slippery car in a rainstorm

riding bareback
car heads through tunnel
sudden rainstorm

Uh, huh.

That’s my life.

You think that in a car you’re safe – comfortable seat, warm interior. then suddenly the door flies open and you’re out riding bareback through a tunnel. You get used to that idea, you get your rhythm. Then suddenly a rainstorm, windshield wipers try to clarify vision, but you’re out there bareback and the car is moving fast and from where exactly is all that water coming from?

Way too many questions, yet there you are. Keeping it together. Balancing the business at hand. Staying calm. Staying on the road.

This then is my life.


In other news:

fifth week of self-reiki and my discoveries include: a calmer me. a happier me. a person who is absolutely in love with the sun and the smell of the freshly ploughed fields. Happy to inhale. Happy to bike and feel my legs.

How fast that feeling dissolves when I hit a class of recalcitrant students is another matter. At least I have felt the joy of being a speck in a spinning ether of smile. And that’s good!

I had the honour of being invited to a Shelter for Battered Women to witness my dear friend A bring her collection of Theater Games to the children staying at the shelter.  How cool she was,  how she kept them on track throughout each activity and during the transition to the next.  I got to pull out a puppet at the end of the hour and though the always popular “Bite Me, Puppet!” reaction was in full-force, there were also those who wanted kisses and when offered the chance to have the puppet speak for them, they had conversations. (some silent, some more public).

We’ll be going back. There’ll be more Theater Games and more puppets. This is good!

More news: I’m slowly heading back to my personal person. Life tosses out opportunities – some are for the good of others, some are for the worse of others. I’d like to point myself towards the ‘good-er’.

I get to do a daily sumi-e painting, a daily haiku, a daily meditation, daily exercise, and now more daily fun. Fun!

Nothing wrong with it.

Riding bareback can be fun!