When you can’t sleep

Sleep has never been an issue

I put my head down and that’s it.

But, when I’m awakened and my thoughts start to spin, that’s another story.

My friend, A, has this problem all the time. She has a million jobs, tasks and missions and if she wakes up for any reason, all those to do lists fly into her consciousness and she’s spinning.

So, what to do?

Some people believe in relaxation exercises – slow progressive tensing and relaxing of the muscles from toes up to the head, and back down and up again until you’re too exhausted to do anything but doze off.

Some people do some kind of meditation – whether facilitated by a soothing tape – or through their own breathing and conscious mentoring.

Some people give up! Get up – check e-mails, watch TV, write, read, stare out the window – all activities guaranteed to have some form of lifespan and when reached, often suggests another fine opportunity to lie down and fall back asleep.

But what if the awakening factor is in itself the cause of rapid exponential adrenalin? What if you’re awakened by a phone call, a frantic phone call from your kids. Kids who are stranded in a place 3 hours away and who need some form of rescue. What if you don’t drive and the only form of rescue available is to provide a phone number or two of those who can actually help?

then what? How does one sleep? Intuition and anxiety clutch one’s heart and shake it until the entire body tingles in a precarious waiting game. Will help arrive? Will kids be safe? Will they have enough cellphone battery to last until their ordeal has been resolved?

How does one fall asleep?

No relaxation, meditation, flurry of alternate activities will help until the mind is settled with some knowledge that the kids are okay. Only then, may any of the other remedies be applied with any form of success, temporary as it might be.

And thus, when you can’t sleep – the best remedy is to reassure the mind that all is well.

That’s my hint for the day.

And now I’m waiting for my kids to arrive home – hopefully sometime soon.

the eye of morning sun, shot by Ahl