School Vacation or Living Life!

Sukkot vacation! Two weeks!

I’ve lived through one glorious week already. But there’s another one!

Utterly cool

I feel like taking pastels and hand drawing all over my walls, but do I? nope! I just draw in my mind while happily doing other stuff.

Other stuff like: Getting my NLP Practitioner’s Certificate! yay!

Now, come on all of you, who truly want to make a change. I’m here for you. I won’t talk you into anything – only assist you do the work. And with NLP, there are techniques that are efficient and effective. ┬áNone of this ten years of talk-therapy. No. Sometimes heavy change can be achieved in a few sessions. So says Trainer Boris Meltser who led the course. ┬áThere’s an interview I did with him here.

I’m collecting a bag of tools: NLP and Reiki and puppetherapy and psychodrama (those last two are not certified but are products of courses and practice and love).

Last evening, I was also present at a Women’s circle of seven women, gathered to accept the Feminine energy of the Mother. She graced us, offered us messages, and will accompany us for the next seven months.

The message given me came as an image, something I need to consider and work with during the next seven months. The rather powerful image related to my skill as a therapist, and I was urged to release my sense of logic and order and surrender to my skills.

If mother only knew how very long I’ve ached and strived to be able to go from point A to point B without taking a hundred different roadtrips…..but still, the message was given. Perhaps i should return to my natural predilection to follow my intuition.

Feminine energy situation. Doron Lavie, of T’ai Chi fame, mentioned that the symbol of Yin and Yang is actually composed of a black circle (the feminine) with the white masculine superimposed. He put it this way: the feminine feeds the masculine. All comes from the feminine.

Yin Yang

And it does, indeed.

May we begin to never forget.