Morning Haiku

hummingbird, zohar haggai

It’s been a while now that upon arising, I listen to the sounds outside and within my mind after a night of dreams, and I write a haiku.

Haiku is a short collection of words to describe a moment, a view, an insight of the present moment. It offers the mind a chance to shuck off superfluous noise and to zoom in on detail in as precise a way as possible. It allows the mind a chance to take a shower in understanding and come out with a few syllables that have never before been revealed.  It allows for focus.

Practising this, daily, is a way into more highly attentive participation in my day. I’m more open to seeing my surroundings, and I’m more sensitive to hearing the sounds around me.

I won’t exaggerate and claim I’m more able to deal with people’s anger or to change anyone else’s point of view, but I am more interested in looking into people’s eyes, checking their auras and feeling their personalities. I won’t overdo it by claiming that I’m more successful in any of these pursuits, but I’m more aware of the nuances that I confront as I seek to reclaim that sense of equilibrium that I feel when I’ve written a haiku that represents what I notice.

I use my site Thistles and Marigolds to post my haiku. Or I go to the Haiku Corner of Tricycle. com

one haiku from this morning:



spinach conquers basil

my neighbour’s garden


And so the mysteries of nature while I sleep are described upon my awakening. (and i mean awakening with a small ‘a’)

Morning Haiku. a nice way to begin a fresh day.