Start the day with a riddle

Last night, walking in from t’ai chi (T’ai Chi Tuesday!),  i deposited my wooden sword on the dining room table and went to check my e-mail. Sure enough, Varda had sent me a Weizmann Institute brain puzzle to keep the cells functioning a while longer. Irresistable,  i opened the link – T – a large letter T – and bits of geometric shapes that I was to maneuvre in order to recreate the T. Obviously, they’d left out a piece – cause my T was nowhere complete – nor did it see fit to complete itself as my eyes began to close in sleep.

Bedtime. Up and early, I discovered that my dreams had been filled with riddles, images, unexplainable scenes and open questions.

Start the day with such riddles, and the day becomes another huge exciting mystery. What will enfold today? Who will present me with laughter or confusion. Will I have a doable routine or will obstacles be placed before me? And how will things work out?

Indeed, the day was plumpful of unusuals.  Large missions to gulp into my planned tasks. Inconvenient timings to test my patience. I won’t be specific but it all involved a lot of not getting to eat my apples, not getting to pee, travelling the great campus a million times by bike, foot, and car in order to work up a sweat, and then being threatened with bright pink nail polish application, or braiding of my hair (by student Ella). A day for the books. All riddled and made into wonderful humour (in my mind).

Reality? a joyous non-cohesive cohesion. T? Terrific. Too cool

Link: to T (instructions in Hebrew, but you’ll figure it out)